Southside Community Land Trust is part of a network of individuals, organizations, local and state agencies, and institutions dedicated to strengthening local agriculture. Whether it's at a state or national level; policy or on the ground change, we are working toward a stronger, more equitable local food system in Rhode Island.

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The Rhode Island Food Policy Council is coordinated by a statewide collaboration of diverse, committed, and engaged stakeholders from all sectors of the food system. The Food Policy Council will create partnerships, develop policies, and advocate for improvements to the local food system to increase and expand its capacity, viability, and sustainability. The RIFPC will act as a policy-changing force to ensure that:

- Food and local agriculture are recognized as important parts of the state's economy;
- New funding is being brought into the state to strengthen all parts of the food system, from plant to plate;
- Policy changes are being implemented at the State level to make local food more affordable and available to people of all income levels in our state.

Stories, speeches, and articles from Providence's urban farmers

• Stay tuned for more community and state based efforts to strengthen Rhode Island's food system!









SCLT is proud to be a part of local and state-wide efforts to increase healthy food access, affordability, and equitability to all eaters and food producers in Rhode Island!