Community Grower--Bishnu

A garden for my family

For me, fresh food is so important for my health and my family's health. I am about to have a second child and want her to grow up strong. But, I want my neighbors to also be able to eat the things that remind them of home--chiles, pumpkins, lettuce, onion. I am especially excited about brinjal (eggplant). My 1 1/2 year-old-son, Hari, especially likes brinjal bhutuwa--an eggplant and potato recipe that uses produce that I can no grow, thanks to SCLT.

A garden for my community

Every Nepali person I meet wants a garden. But, being so new to this country and this language, they need interpreters. That is how I can help as a garden leader.

Cindy and Liza, the Growers Network staff, told me that they knew I was a leader the first time I came to a garden workday. I was very good at speaking up, and I also listened to the other gardeners and helped translate.

Unlike some of the other Nepali gardeners, I had already grown food in the city. My husband and I first learned when we were teachers at a school garden in Dmok Zapa. It was a little bit warmer there, so we could grow things year-round, but, otherwise, many of the practices were the same. 

Now that I am a garden leader at Greenwich Community Garden, I want to share that knowledge with the other gardeners to make sure that everyone is learning together. They know how to grow certain things that like the cold; I know how to apply organic fertilizer. So we ask each other for tips and come together for workshops offered by the Land Trust. My role is to be present and support them. 

We need good seeds!

If there is anything I have learned, it is that healthy seeds make healthy plants. Giving to the Land Trust means that me and other refugee growers can start next spring with the best seeds possible. 

Greenwich Community Garden was built in 2011 in collaboration with the International Institute Rhode Island




"Giving to the Land Trust means that me and other refugee growers can start next spring with the best seeds possible."