Container Gardening

Self-Irrigated Planters, also known as self-watering containers, are a free and simple way to start container gardening with minimal effort.

In addition to beautifying your home, container gardening is a practical resolution to food growing where there's little to no land or community garden access. Basically, container gardening is just what it sounds like: a container with drainage holes, soil, water and seeds. You can start a container garden on any sunny windowsill, on balconies, fire escapes and even strapped to your building.

Container gardening is easy and fun, and similar to seed starting in that the primary ingredient is patience.

As you can see, any container works for container gardening, as long as you add drainage holes.

To learn how you can construct your own Self-Irrigated Planter, check out the following videos: 

SIP from Southside Community Land Trust on Vimeo.

VOILA from Southside Community Land Trust on Vimeo.

To recap,

Tools for creating your own Self-Irrigated Planter:

an emptied 1 gallon milk jug, scissors, twine, soil, knife, water, seeds


Learn how to grow food without access to land, and create self-irrigating planters!