Did you know that a carrot grows under the ground?

The answer might seem obvious to some, but for many kids in the city, it’s difficult to connect with where their food comes from. A less localized, more industrialized food system creates a significant barrier between the food on our plate and the place it was grown. Many kids (and adults) have never seen a garden or farm.

SCLT’s wide array of education programs give adults and children alike the tools they need to grow fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. With this knowledge, participants also gain an appreciation for the natural process of growing food, from seed to fruit (and sometimes root).

The Children’s Garden is a summer program that partners with community organizations to invite about 200 children to City Farm on a weekly basis. Kids learn about how to grow food, and take responsibility for a parcel of the farm - growing herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, and more!

Youth Gardening Resources: resources, links and tips to get youth involved in garden education.

Plant Providence Workshops are aimed to reach all kinds of growers - from those who are just interested to long-time garden enthusiasts - with affordable workshops throughout the growing season.

Urban Agriculture Resource Library is a virtual "toolshed" of food growing knowledge from beginning growers resources to information about urban animal raising and much more!

Southside Community Land Trust offers hands-on education programs for both kids and adults designed to teach them how to grow food.