How to Start a Garden

We’re here to help community gardeners organize themselves, by sharing strategies from the Providence Community Garden Network. The Network is a gardener‐led coalition of over 35 gardens facilitated by the Community Land Trust. We help community gardeners in our area grow more food by increasing their access to the materials, education, and community needed to sustain their gardens.

Our work is inspired by The American Community Garden Association’s Growing Communities Curriculum. We have developed our own model that we advocate called Healthy Urban Gardens (HUG for short) which lays out goals for care of both land and people. Click the image to see an enlarged (printable) version.

If you're interested in starting a community garden in Providence, be sure to consult our comprehensive guide. The foundation of a successful garden is a coalition of neighbors, gardeners, and volunteers—click here to watch a video about the build-out of the Jane Street garden, which involved several groups from the neighborhood.

Para información en Español, por favor consulte "Comience una Granja en la Ciudad", una publicación del Servicio Nacional de Información de Agricultura Sustentable

Here's how to get growing!