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Southside Community Land Trust publishes the "Southside Green," newsletters for our members every year that features the highlights and news of SCLT that season. Click the season to view/download the PDF.

Fall 2011

• "Celebrating 30 years of friendship" (with Sally Godfrey one of the founders of the Plant Sale)

• "Harvest Party Thank you"

"Sowing Seeds in a New Garden - SCLT and the International Institute of Rhode Island Build a Community Garden"

• "Eat Local: The Community Land Trust leads the launch of Rhody's Own Food Policy Council"

Spring 2011

• "Get Ready for the Plant Sale!"

• "Sharing Produce, Sharing Profits" (an article on SCLT's marketing collaborative)

Winter 2011

• "Celebrate Southside Community Land Trust's 30th Anniversary"

• "Training In the Field" (an article on SCLT's City Farm apprenticeship program)

• "Coming Together for Families in Providence" (an article on SCLT collaboration with the Davey Lopes Recreation Center)

Spring 2010

• "Deep Roots" (an article about statistics of how our support money benefits urban agriculture)

• "Hey, Neighbor, Do You Want to Grow Food? We Asked and Got Answers"

• "City Farm - Safe Place for Education and Play with Neighborhood Kids"

• "Somerset Gardeners Make Garden Improvements & Reach Out to their Community!"

• "Notes from the Board of Directors: Honoring a Very Special Member" (Karen Champagne)

Fall 2009

• "Water - the lifeblood of food gardens"

• "Adapting to the Unpredictable Weather at City Farm"

• "Barrels of Rain"

• "Urban Edge Farmers Tap Into a Natural Water Source"

• "Community Gardens Celebration"

Spring 2009

• "From Rubble to Fertile Soil"

• "Local Entrepreneurs Turn Trash Into Gold" (an article on composting in the city)

• "More Soil in the City! SCLT's Neighbors are Hungry for Garden Plots"

• "A Magical Alchemy - Hints from City Farm's Compost Strategy"

• "Garden Club Wakes From Hibernation"

• "UEF Farmers Grow Healthy Food - and Healthy Soil"

Fall 2008

• Proud to Be "In the Village"

• Sowing the Seeds of Diversity (an article about the diversity of community gardeners)

• Starting From the Ground Up (an article about SCLT's youth education program)

•The Cutting Edge of Agriculture (an article about Urban Edge Farm, SCLT's incubator farm)

• A Diverse Field, A Plentiful Yield (an article about the benefits of diversity in planting)

Spring 2008

• "Growing Economic Hopefulness"

• "Urban Agriculture Makes Dollars as Well as Sense"

• "Little City Growers' Co-operative"

• "Growing Dinner in Community Gardens"

• "A Gardeners' Tale" (an article about Vou Yang's testimony of the economical benefits of growing food at Glenham Community Garden for 13 years)

• "Locally Grown, Locally Supported; it's Plant Sale Time"

 The "Southside Green" is a great resource that gives a glimpse into our past! Visit our blog for more SCLT related news and events.