Seed Starting

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• Direct Seeding or Transplant?

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• Planting Schedule for Rhode Island

Direct Seeding or Transplant?

Direct seeding works best in the spring, when the weather is still cool. This is true especially for cole crops – kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower – and lettuce. Plants with roots you intend to eat (carrots, radishes) should always been direct seeded, or you risk damaging it if transplanted.

Transplanting works best when the weather is less temperate and soil moisture is more difficult to maintain (if it's hot in the summer). Start seeding indoors and plant them in the Fall and Winter, they do better if they’re transplanted in mid-August. 

And of course, always look at the directions on your seed packet for instructions!


• For more hints on how to start your own seeds, download this guide from the American Community Gardening Association.

Check out our blog for a visual illustration of how to get your container (and transplant!) garden off the ground.

• For a thorough guide on growing herbs in Rhode Island, see this guide (URI)

• Planting Schedule (sources: URI Master Gardeners and USDA Planting Schedule for Zone 6). Click image to enlarge or click here for downloadable PDF version.


Moisture, Warmth, Patience: these key ingredients make seed starting easy!