Taming Tomatoes

A tomato seedling usually costs about the same as a pound of tomatoes at the store! That means that growing your own tomatoes is a great way to save money on food while enjoying juicy, ripe, and flavorful tomatoes right in your garden.

Tomato plants definitely require some maintenance, If you want to enjoy tomatoes right off the vine from your backyard, window box, or hanging basket, check out some of these resources we've compiled. SCLT also hosts a  “Taming Your Tomatoes” every early summer on our Plant Providence Calendar. Check back for updates! The workshop provides practical advice about planting, staking, tomato care (watering, mulching, fertilizing, weeding), and ways to fend off the pests that enjoy the taste of tomatoes as much as we do.

Here are some great sites we found for all your tomato care needs!

 Tomato care that includes pruning, staking/caging, and watering

Pest identification and control


Growing tomatoes in containers

Varieties that do well in containers

Fact: a single tomato plant can yield more than twenty pounds of fruit over the course of a growing season!