Urban Edge Farm


Urban Edge Farm is a 50-acre farm in Cranston where seven new farmers grow. On Urban Edge Farm, Southside Community Land Trust manages a unique program that ‘grows’ a new generation of farmers.


In 2002, as part of the State of Rhode Island's Open Space Preservation Act, the was purchased and preserved by the Rhode Island Division of Agriculture. SCLT is managing the property for the State and restoring 35 of its acres to active farmland.


Just 8 miles from our south Providence office, Urban Edge Farm is an ideal site for growing produce, educating new farmers and the public. Urban Edge Farm is a model farm demonstrating environmentally sound land stewardship and farming practices.


The farm hosts new farmers who collaboratively manage the farm’s operation and maintenance.  The farm also offers opportunities for volunteers to work alongside the farmers and hosts farm-related public events. The food grown by farmers at Urban Edge Farm feeds Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shareholders, Farmers' Market customers, and diners at local restaurants, soup kitchens and food pantries.

Southside Community Land Trust’s Urban Edge Farm provides land, tools, and resources for a new generation of farmers.